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    Custom Widget'properties file location?



      I have created a custom widget in the following manner


      1) Created a class(HelloWorld.java) which extends BaseWidget ,created the jar file customwidget.jar and placed it under C:\Tomcat\webapps\clearspace_community\WEB-INF\lib

      2)placed the ftl under C:\jiveHome\themes\customwidget

      3)uploaded the class name through Admin console > system > setting > widgets > Add a new widget


      widget is properly rendering but its propertie's (display name and shortDescription from properties file) are not displaying.


      I have already created a properties with the name as HelloWorld.properties and placed it under C:\Tomcat\webapps\clearspace_community\WEB-INF\classes

      noOfResults.displayName=Number of results
      noOfResults.shortDescription = Please provide Number of results


      am i put the property file in right place? Why it is not loading properly?


      created a jive_clearspace_custom_i18n_en.properties and put the properties. still it is not picking up.