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    Changed or Customized Your Search?


      Have any of you made any enhancements or changes to the Jive search on your installation?

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          We have not.  I noticed in the admin console today there is a way to define synonyms for search.  Are there other large customers (we have about 80,000 employees) who are using synonyms?  If so - how did you narrow down what you would use & did you find it made a noticable positive impact to your search?


          Our search works great right now, but only a fifth of the company has adopted.  So I'm just curious if this might become a handy configuration option down the road.

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              Jem - I'm really curious about this, too! Didn't know that was an option myself. And we have so much content at this point, from so many different parts of the company, that search has become a challenge. I wonder if this might be an important way to improve it. Hmmmmm. Anyone have any feedback?

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                  That is exactly what I was thinking... would search become a struggle as we continue to grow & would this help if/when it becomes an issue.

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                      Search is a struggle at this point for our internal system (old Lucene 1.x search version or so). We talked to Jive and the embedded search (Lucene 2.x or socannot easily be replaced. Not sure which Lucene version is running in 4.0 or 4.5. It seems very much embedded into  the system. However, supposedly in 4.x there is a hook for an additional search system. We are wondering if we should try Goggle Enterprise Search Applicance for this. Did anybody try to hook-up their Jive platform with Google ESA yet?


                      Has anybody tried to use the tagging system for this and display some customized advanced filtering of content based on tags. I need to check if you can easily filter for multiple tags at once in 4.x now, but that could be an option.

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                        I agree, search already is a struggle after using Jive for just 9 months. There are a number of options that makes the search more effective.


                        (a) have a naming convention for spaces and groups. Just having "Strategic Planning" is simply not good enough. Be more specific in the space name, e.g. "Strategic Planning (Marketing)". Otherwise your search will display a number of Strategic Planning spaces and you wouldn't know, which one is the one you want.


                        (b) teach users to add keywords as tags even the word appears in the document already. That increases relevance (at least I assume it does).


                        (c) teach users to search within a space


                        (d) limit search results by utilising the author and date function.


                        (e) make use of the "search tips" page. Most of our users didn't use it initially.


                        Suggestions to Jive:


                        (a) add aging to relevancy. That is older documents (and other content) score less than new documents

                        (b) add "number of views" to relevancy. Higher viewed content is more relevant than rarely viewed data.

                        (c) add option: "show only search results that are tagged accordingly"

                        (d) I noted, that content that is only tagged but doesn't have the search word in the content or subject is not included in search results. That is a bug in my opinion.

                        (e) Gmail provides type ahead and recognises operators when searching, that's a very useful feature. Can this be added?



                        What we want to do?

                        integrate our file server search based on Xapian