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    Feature Request: Change Invitation functionality


      The way that the current functionality works (at least in 3.0.10) is not intuitive. If I try to invite someone from the Invite screen, and I look for someone (or insert their email address) who has already been sent an invitation, the system should find the person and/or NOT error out. It should simply tell the user that an invitation has already been sent and ask if they would like another to be sent.


      This is very difficult/confusing to troubleshoot because there are so many reasons that someone might not find a "user". Setting it up in this manner would alleviate the confusion without taking away the other good functionality of being able to see the Open Invitations.


      Please consider this request, as in the three weeks I've been working directly with our users I've had this problem reported at least 4 times, and with significant frustration on both sides.