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    Impact: Groups v. Communities.  Groups + Communities.  Experiences please.

      Our current implementation of SBS does not permit creation of groups.  We are exploring the impact of offering groups as an alternative space to communities for teams wishing private spaces.  Interested in those that have experiences with both. Specific issues?


      • Existing community structures:  for teams that currently have open and private communities, what happens when private groups are added to the structure or replace parts of the structure?
        • How are reputation points impacted?
        • How is search impacted?
      • How are communities associated with groups?
      • What guidance is used for recommending groups versus communities? What are the use cases for each?
      • How is reporting impacted?
      • What has been your experience with decisions to convert existing private communities to private groups or vice versa?
      • What is the group to community process?


      Questions. Questions.  Partial or full answers are very much appreciated.  S.