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    Feature Request - Consistent Profile Attributes and Data



      Now that 4.0 features an Analytics Module option, it seems really important to ensure the user data can be conisistenly entered.  So, our request is to enable the following attributes for ALL profile fields (whether default or custom fields):


      Type - any of the current datatypes

      Visibility - for Everyone, Registered Users or Private

      Required Field




      Externally Managed

      Drop Down List Enabled (NEW) - Enables administrators to load an ordered, comma-separated list of valid values into a profile-field-specific system property.  These values would thenl populate a drop down list for the given profile field, from which a user can select the correct value.  This will enable consistent reporting and prevent a proliferation of bad data due to spelling variations.


      For example, the department name might be a very common custom profile field.  If the site admin can enter a list of departments, it would prevent users from creating multiple variations of the same department name, such as seen below:


      Information Technology



      Info Tech

      Info. Tech.


      Info. Technology

      Information Tech

      Information Tech.






      For just this one department, there are eleven distinct entries.  So an activity report by department would provide very misleading and difficult-to-manage results.  Data validation is essential for good reporting.


      Thank you!

      Kim de Noüe