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    Using Jive internally for CRM - examples?

      Once you have Jive, do you need a CRM (customer relationship management) system? I am looking for some good examples of CRM processes handled entirely in Jive. I am thinking of the more traditional CRM scenario where you record conversations and predictions about your clients, campaigns, opportunities etc. not the exciting world of social media monitoring and engaging the clients in conversation on your platform.


      Here is what I think will get you 80% of what you need with CRM:

      • A group for each of your strategic clients; use it to keep lists of client contacts (who knows whom), manage new opportunities, build ideas, link to campaigns, gel together the client team
      • Groups for target market sectors
      • Projects for campaigns
      • A general space for the Marketing function


      This approach satisfies the fluid, unstructured aspect of CRM. The last 20% is about lists, process and numbers; how is that best satisfied?