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    What Status level settings (aka Reputation point settings) did you use?

      This is another interesting decision point for our implementation.  I saw Carl Smith's list of initial values from his implementation and wanted to see what others have defined for participation levels.  As a Life Sciences company, I am resisting the urge to try to come up with a cute tiering based on biology (especially since I'm a non-scientist) and probably should stick with something which sticks along the same lines as the principles which Carl articulated:


      • Tiers should grow logarithmically, with early tiers making easier to gain status (see progress) and later tiers representing a well-earned, quality achievement.


      • Use graphics that indicate progress and communicates that there are award levels yet to be earned. This Status Icon 1.png ; not this Status Icon 2.png


      • Choose names that related to community and would work internationally.



      Appreciate seeing how you approached this decision.