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    Urgent: Need suggestion on LDAP integration



      We are working on launching 'Jive SBS Employee Marketplace 4.0.3' for our employees. Part of this launch we are planning to integrate LDAP for authentication and auto-creation of groups from LDAP. Our questions are - (1) Selecting Active Directory or Oracle OID (2) How to assign LDAP fields to create the groups in Jive? (3) After this can we have manual groups along with auto-groups in Jive.




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          Hi Venaketsh,


          Thanks for taking the time to explain your requirements for this functionality. As was mentioned on the call, there are two options:


          1. Work on a process on your side to ensure that Department membership is aligned with LDAP groups.
          2. Customize the application to synchronize groups based on the Department attribute assigned to the users.


          Please follow up if you have additional questions.