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    Replacing or using Community instead of internet website


      I wanted to find out if anyone has replaced thier intranet with the community?  Since webstires tend to have publishing content as the goal and comuniteis have collaboration and discusison, did you try to  make the comunity look like the web pages or do a redesign?


      If you did not transfer all of it, what was the criteria on what to move and what stays?


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          We’re in the middle of migrating off our 1.0 intranet and making Jive our 2.0 intranet.  We’re moving our global corporate communications and various department managed content into community content with collaboration turned on or off appropriately.


          Our company benefits from this approach because we can:

          1. Shut      down our legacy portal, discussion boards, and content management platform      that was in need of a very expensive upgrade.
          2. Make      corporate communications content more collaborative and engaging than it      could ever be in a 1.0 environment
          3. We are      able to recruit business managers to be our distributed “content managers”      now that it’s easy for anyone (those who don’t know HTML) to contribute. This      makes the intranet content more dynamic and relevant to the users.
          4. Employees      have one place to go look for info, instead of having to remember where      they saw it.


          I see just a few limitations to the "Jive as Intranet" approach. Here’s how we plan to get around it:

          Limitations to using Jive as Intranet
          How We Are Getting Around It
          We don’t      have sub-layers of web pages for major sections anymore.  We have to be creative using the      community Overview pages and the Jive documents instead.  With the ability to hide the widget      borders, the overview page is super flexible to be molded into whatever we      need. Our Jive documents are our previous “sub” web pages, which is fine,      except that we have to see the permanent Actions, “More Like This” and “Bookmarked      By” boxes on the right each time.For      now, we won’t do anything about this.  It would be nice if we could turn the      right column boxes on or off per document, so we could treat these like a plain      regular web page if we wanted to.
          1. We can’t      store content in one place and publish it to multiple places.
          2. We can't set documents to expire or be archived
          3. We can't offer different views on content data
          4. We can't offer simple forms to capture structured data and/or start workflow
          We are      integrating Jive with Sharepoint using Jive’s Sharepoint connector.  Sharepoint will only be available to 10%      of our users (mostly Home Office employees + our field HR Managers).  We are using SP to handle these cases.
          It’s hard to tell what’s official corporate content vs. collaborative conversations.Correction: We are thinking of introducing a icon to indicate "official" content when necessary, but he haven't encountered a case yet.



          We should be fully migrated over by mid-summer and be turning off our 1.0 intranet.


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            I am investigating something very similar probably in conjunction with out 4.5 to 6 migration. We have used spaces and sub spaces for 'official' messages to the user community. One of the key benefits is the ability for a larger number of users being able to create content.  A key distractor is the lack of an effective workflow e.g. create content -> review -> approve - publish content for the 'official' content.  Another issue is my current lack of knowledge in providing different themes for the key business units.


            Does anyone have any views for using Jive as both Internal web site and collaboration tool?

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                Hi Alun, I'm going to mention a few folks who've replaced their intranet with Jive, in hopes they can assist:


                Claire Flanagan

                Sean Winter

                Edward Ford, Andrew Kratz

                Tim Wike


                Question for you: how critical is the traditional review -> approve -> publish workflow? A less rigid option would be to collaboratively create the content in a private workgroup, then just move it to an official space when it's ready to be published.

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                      Andrew Kratz

                      Two points on this...


                      For "official content" we will see the dept or group work their final copy in a secret group/space.  So in that place they will collaborate and get blessings that they need.  There is very light approval feature in a document if you wish to use that.   Once the content is ready for prime time you can either cut and paste or simply use the "move" feature in the Action menu to position the content in the group or space where the entire company can consume it.  We have seen this many times at companies that have moved from a traditional web 1.0 intranet to a Jive social intranet.  It works quite well for communications/News, policy, HR content etc..


                      Regarding giving "street cred" to the person publishing or moderating a conversation there is a feature in the admin console to create groups of people and give them a badge or logo.  It replaces the icon next to your virtual points.  So in this thread, if Jive put a badge next to all of their employees, it would have a Jive logo under Gia's name to let you know she was a Jive employee.   You can be as creative as you want in terms of what the badge looks like (you simply upload an image) as well as how many.  You create a "security groups" and add members to it in the admin console and then assign the badge they will get.  You can do that for as many security groups as you like.  However, you need to manually keep that up to date as people switch jobs.


                      Hope that helps....


                      We love talking social intranet so fire away if you have other points...that @mention list Gia put out there would love to help you out.



                      Andrew Kratz

                      Social Edge Consulting


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                      Hi Alun, we present all of our official "intranet" content in spaces and all of our social/collaboration content in groups, so there is a very clean line between the official benefits page in a space and someone's blog on benefits in a group.


                      Additionally, in 5.0.x, we use the "Collaboration options" when creating a document/page in a group, where one can add a user that must approve the document/page before it goes live. It actually become a pretty standard review > approve workflow.




                      You can also do what Andrew suggests by using a private group for collaboration and approvals, and then just move to the public space when ready.

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                          I have to admit, I'm still stymied by the spaces/groups issue.  Sean, are you still using the "Spaces" for official/groups for collaboration model in Jive 6?  I've been reading the documentation and it no longer seems that this is the preferred model. 

                          Also, were we to go with the "private group 'behind' a public space" model, is there a way to automate that workflow?  That when someone approves a document in private the default action is to push it to the public space?