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    Feature Request - Points awarded for document updates


      After you get your platform established and running, an important element is keeping the documents that are in it up-to-date. Yet there are no points available for document updates. While not everyone is incented by points, and others are too incented, I think there is a workable solution.


      Currently, documents have two update classifications - regular, or Minor Update. It is a regular update unless someone checks Minor Update.


      My request is to add a third option - Major Update.

      • The default would remain regular and would function as it does today - no points, but sends notification to people getting email updates from you or from the document.
      • Minor Update functions the same as it does today, getting no points and sending no notifications.
      • Major Update would need to be marked by the user. This would give the user points, would send notifications, and the notifications would include a note that the update had been categorized as a Major Update.
      • There could even be a new notification feature that would allow users to select only to receive notifications if they were marked as Major Updates.


      Having it function this way provides three opportunities:

      • It allows those updating their own or others' documents the opportunity to gain points and be recognized as a regular contributor to the platform.
      • It allows people who are following the user or the content to realize exactly when to pay attention to the updates; to know when the content change was substantive.
      • If the notification feature was added, it could also cut down on email clutter resulting from SBS.