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    Feature Request - Better Admin Console UI options for audit trails


      We have many different companies within the same umbrella using the Jive SBS software to collaborate across and within the larger community. To facilitate this, we have enabled members within those communities to do some of the administrative work. Between this and the sheer number of people actively using the platform, using the Audit Log Viewer is not helpful in tracking down specific changes that were made, particularly when the timeframe of the change is unknown.


      For example, we have had several users inadvertently deactivated lately. Due to their sporadic usage of the tool, I don't have a timeframe for when this could have occurred. I'd like to be able to track down who did it in case they meant to deactivate someone different, but there is no easy way to do so from the front-end. And I don't have the tools (since our Jive instance is hosted) or skills to run a DB query to find the information.


      It would be great to have some standard query capability built in to the Audit Log Viewer.


      Also - the current "tools" on that page don't work correctly. Restricting a date range won't allow you to move beyond the first page of results. And to search for a specific user, you have to find them by choosing a username from a dropdown box that is not sorted alphabetically.