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    UI modification: Filter bar consolidation

      I think we can change this easily enough in our own instance, but it would make sense (to me) to make this simple but effective UI modification across SBS 4.0. Having two vertically-stacked filter controls (plus the ubiquitous title bar & tabs) bumps the actual document/object list pretty far down the page as of 4.0. Cheers -



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          Love that you've mentioned this. We're actually looking at leveraging that filter bar to control all of the filtering options for the content list. What we've been thinking is a little different than your proposed design, but I think they address the same problems.


          We were looking at moving the filters into the dropdown, so you can select a category or tag, choose document type, etc. As me add more filtering in the future, maybe "Documents I've created, Documents I've editied, Documents I've commented on, etc" those would be added to the filter bar drop down as well.


          Sound good?