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    SEO and the impact of communities


      Was wondering if anyone is tracking the percentage of visitors coming from Google to their communities?


      I've spoken with several people in the past on this topic who had some positive results but wanted to bring this topic up again.  I think it's a great way for Marketer's to tie community efforts with online advertising strategy (leveraging user generated content that is).


      But what are you thoughts and stats?  Anyone willing to share?


      The 3 areas where communities usually impact SEO include:

      1. Capture the "long tail" of search by outsourcing nice SEO content to users, that the main site (run by Marketing) doesn't have the resources to cover
      2. Provide additional keyword research by providing insights into what terms prospects and customers are using to describe your products/services
      3. Improve overall search rankings by naturally creating a network of links in the community and to the main site that boost SEO factors


      Would love to hear about any recent real-world examples though.