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    Tracking thread subscriptions?


      We've set up a thread for users to subscribe to to let them know about an important event. We've locked the thread so users cannot comment on it but can still view it. I believe people will naturally view it even though they don't get any notifications so we really want to see how many subscribe knowing that something will eventually be posted.


      Anyone know how, off hand, to:

      • View who has subscribed by username and/or
      • View quantity of users who have subscribed



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          Check out my post below, specifically item #1.



          It is my understanding that the 'subscribe' activity is tracked in the analytics database as a WATCH activity type in the jivedw_activity_fact table.  Unfortunately, and you will see this in my post, there appears to be a bug that is causing the WATCH activities not to be propagated into the analytics database.  Mark Williams mentions that a fix is already in place and gives the release numbers.


          When that fix is present, you can determine the number of users that have chosen to WATCH (250) any event by joining jivedw_activity_fact to jivedw_user on user_id and doing a count.  You may need to watch out for people that choose to REMOVE_WATCH (260) if you are trying to get a current snapshot of everyone that is watching.


          Hope that helps.