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    What would you expect from a Jivespace community manager?

      Jive has posted a position opening for a community manager for Jivespace. What do you as a member of the Jivespace community need from a community manager here?


      How would having a community manager make this a better experience?


      Are there things missing here?


      Is the participation level what you expected? From other customers? From Jive?

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          A community manager for Jivespace would be grand.  This person could help corral the overlapping conversations that occur in different spaces and/or groups.

          It would also be helpful to know who manages the spaces within Jivespace (I'm sure they are different Jivers, but I never know who).


          We really need more Jive customers commenting. Maybe the community manager can create some contests or run incentive promotions.  Perhaps give out funny participation awards (could be serious or funny). And free Jive half-shirts or JiveWorld discounts come to mind for prizes.


          Finally, I'd like the Jivespace community manager to help customers connect and collaborate with customers who are using the same Jive module by setting up groups for each Jive module and finding Jivers to run them. There's one for the Analytics module, and I've visited it several times as well as the reporting analyst on our project team.  How about a group for the Ideation Module, the Mobile Module, the SharePoint Connector, etc?



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            I would expect:

            • daily interaction of some sort
            • house keeping chores - get rid of:
              • six month old test groups, etc...
              • members who logged on once and never came back
              • spam unrelated to Jive and social systems
            • a known point of contact for non-technical Jive-related questions
            • initiation of topical conversations of interest to the community
            • creation/maintenance of a Jivespace FAQ


            What else?

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              I'd want someone who has successfully managed a thriving community of their own, not just someone who has observed how our customers do things on their communities (if we are hiring internally).


              Then ask that person to tell us what we need as a community manager


              We should also make sure that person goes through a full round of strategic consulting and training so they (and we) know what the goals/objectives of our site are, and how to tactically implement everything.

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                I would like this person to be our window into Jive.

                They would

                • gather feedback and share with us and inside Jive
                • get user groups to help review and provide feedback on ideas for product changes while they are still just slides
                • look at external research and Jive consulting to find information, tips, and recommendations
                • find and share innovative usages and customizations by us



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                    Someone needs to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Love the Jack of All Trades definition.


                    As someone from the outside looking in, my thoughts on approaching this job:


                    Gain Control:


                    1. Weeding - Clean up beyond the All Content page. The top postings that show up in the different widgets of Personalized Views need to be useful information. A couple of sidetracking examples today from my Personalize View:

                      • Today there is a blog entry  for a Jeopardy Event that took me on an interesting journey of discovery, to say the least.
                      • My Son is Fun
                      • Everthing Testing (both Jive and entries from the 30,000 who have just stopped by)

                    2. Accuracy - content posted from Jive needs to maintain accurate content, particularly when it comes to Jivespace lexicology.

                    3. Lobby - Over 31,000 people have stopped in to check out Jive. Most don't make it past signing up and leaving. Understanding the community that leaves and building a landing space to retain and direct their interest is crucial to the marketing of Jive. Back to weeding - clean out the useless content when they do look under the hood.



                    More than anything, this position connects the dots between Jive, current clients, and prospects (further broken down into potential clients, future employees, SBS evangilists).

                    • Look before you leap, and understand each of these communities before making changes and developing new directions.
                    • Understand the competition.
                    • What was the original plan?
                    • LISTEN. ASK. LEARN.




                    Working with the key stakeholders from the three key communities, develop a roadmap that will guide and support the growth of Jive Software through the use of Jivespace.




                    I can hardly wait to see what happens when you get to the point you can implement Ideation in Jivespace. Effective internal implementation of Jivespace will be key to the next stage of growth for Jive Software. Then when you turn to the Jack of All Trades Chart, the benefits arise:

                    • Clearer brand
                    • Market data needed to expand sales growth & software innovations
                    • A pool of talent defined to support growth needs
                    • An evolving roadmap to guide and support the directions of Jive's growth


                    So much more than just a community manager, the person who fills this position needs to understand the big picture.


                    (And yes, I would love to have this job. )

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                    In the article Gia cites above (http://tinyurl.com/2c8d76x) Dion Hinchcliffe says:


                    "...If you aren’t looking at overall levels of participation, growth rate of new members, making lists of the recently disengaged and following up on them, etc. then you aren’t managing your social environment. Understanding the overall health and momentum in your community, directly responding to it, and doing it every day will be vital for the long-term success of your effort..."


                    Whoever ends up with the Jivespace ComMgr position will need to take a look at these issues.