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    Jive SBS vs Google Wave


      I was asked the other day how Jive compares/contrasts to Google Wave.  I have not yet spent much time in Wave so short of basic answers I really did not know what to say.  Anyone have a good answer to that question?  I am looking more for use/business level compare/contrast than technical.  I am assuming Wave will not really be relevant to enterprise collaboration but could it be considered a competitor/alternative at the SMB level?



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          I believe wave operates  at a different level...


          it is tool  communication and collaboration made easier, faster and of cource social  .... SBS operates in a different domain....taking wave as a platform and building tools like SBS is a remote possibility ... but people may choose teh available alternative

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            Billy Volpone

            Hi Matthew,


            Thanks for the post. I hope some more user chime in to better describe their own views of this, but from our perspective Jive SBS and Google wave can work well together. Our offering is an asynchronous and highly integrated collaboration platform for both internal employee networks as well as external facing online communities (customers, partners, etc). Google wave is a new idea that they have launched around more real time communication and messages. It is a live platform, and much like traditional chat, works well with a platform like Jive SBS.


            Don't take my word for it though, feel free to explore both offerings yourself.



            Billy Volpone