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    Keeping track of many "reports"

      I have a design question.  Has anyone designed a community for a pipelined process?


      One of the communities I would like to support is a small team: <10 people.


      My small team is involved in scouting.  They meet many companies, learn about the company's business, products and marketplace.   The team will receive presentations, financials and other documents covering details.  The team also meets with other experts who know a lot a particular company or category of technology. 


      It seems like a good idea to make a private group for each new company.   The team are members of every such group  that represents a company.  No one else is a member to preserve confidentiality.    Documents received from the company are kept with that group.  Each group has its own blog and discussions as the team evaluates the company. 


      There will eventually be hundreds, if not thousands of these groups and time goes on.  The large set of groups is a repository of knowledge about various technologies and product categories.   The groups are tagged with the company's name and perhaps a descriptor of the technology involved (ex. tags for Jive Software would be: jive social_business_software enterprise_2.0, etc.)


      There is essentially a pipeline of companies being met, engaged with, analyzed and so forth.   At any given time, discussions are active with a few companies.   Sometimes, a discussion with a company results in a deeper business relationship. 


      Here is my challenge:

      • best way to summarize activity with these groups over the last time period?
      • best way to summarize which companies are at what stage in the pipeline? (should I include tags that denote what stage each company is in?)
      • best way to report "here is what we are currently working on now", meaning "what is currently in the pipeline?"
      • best way to move the companies thru the pipeline?  (should the company have tags representing the pipeline stage and should those tags be changed as the company moves thru the pipeline?)



      Sorry if this is cryptic, but it is not obvious how to do this.


      Thanks,  =Mike

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          If it's the same 10 people, I'd probably use a space and subspaces for this unless you think there will be performance impact.  That way users don't need to become members of each group, you can inherit the permissions of the parent group (I think) and when they come to the parent space, they are able to see all the activity/new content going on without having to visit each subspace.  It would make your job I think a lot easier.

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              I understand your advice.  Having many sub-spaces helps with the hassle of group membership.  However, groups seemed like the right structure give that each company they track is likely to have documents, discussions, blogs, etcs.  Having hundreds or thousands of spaces for those things just seemed wrong, for some reason.


              It would be super helpful if groups inherited permissions from somewhere.  Either a space, or if there were subgroups, from their parent groups.   Or if you could form a group with a distribution list of members each time, rather than entering them each and every time.