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    Donating a feature/widget to the Jive community?

      I work for a not-for-profit museum. Last year, we had a custom widget created for SBS 3.0.5--which has functionality I strongly suspect others in the Jive community would find useful. We probably can't afford to have this updated for 4.x and subsequent system releases, so wanted to offer to provide the source code--ideally to Jive--but alternately to another customer who has the in-house programming know-how to upgrade it to work with 4.x, and make it openly available to not only us, but others in the community who might find it as useful as we do.


      The widget allows a system administrator to set some system properties associated with five generic widgets that appear in both the All Content and personalized "Your View" drag down areas. These widgets will then display content from all spaces to which a user has access, which has a single tag, or multiple tags--including and/or boolean operators--which the system adminisrator has defined.  We did this, because we're essentially an R&D shop where we want all our employees to be able to broadcast cool posts of any type (discussion, blog, document) as well as advertise proposed proposed ideas/projects, or advertise requests for ideas projects. We wanted to keep it REAL simple and fail-safe for users to do this.


      The way it works In our organization is any employee can tag any document, blog post, or discussion with "broadcast," "rfp," or "projectproposal" which will then cause it to appear on everybody's SBS home page--All Content or My View--in the appropriate place. The individual users can locate these three widgets wherever they please on their page. In the case of My View, even if somebody accidentally deletes the widget, they can simply drag it back down from widget selection, without the user having to understand how to configure an RSS widget or otherwise have any particular SBS system savvy. It just works.  We've found this to be VERY stimulating to organizational innovation, and keeps things simple for our users, hence adoption is near 100% for idea marketplace model.


      Below are screenshots of the system properties the administrator only needs to set once, as well as how the widgets appear to users. Everybody loves this simple and effective idea communication system within Jive, and we hope others will too!


      Is anybody interested in upgrading this widget for 4.x? Please do tell!




      Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco







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          hi Bill: feel free to package up the widget (source code and all) and put it up here on Jivespace, I'm sure someone would pick it up and upgrade it for you.


          BTW: have you already tried it on 4.0?  It might work w/o any upgrade necessary.





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              Attached is the .jar file for the widget described above. If anybody feels this would be useful for your installation, and can upgrade for the latest revision please do upgrade and share. We haven't actually been able to try this on 4.x as we use we use an external hosting service, and found we couldn't run a 4.x on the same box as 3.x due to java library conflicts. We're getting this resolved, but the vendor who helped us create the widget (SourceN--highly recommend them) has indicated it won't work as is...