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    Feature Request: Customizations Tracker


      I like the JIRA tickets that can be associated to cases. This makes thing real clear. Hoping there is room to expand on this...


      We come from all sorts of organizations. Some of us have the full artillery with in-house people to complete customizations and code changes while others are starting grass-roots efforts to launch a community and nurture it until it prospers. I'd love to say that the company I work for has bought into our support model as in my first example. We're not there yet. With success I imagine we will be.


      We came to Jive almost a year ago. We didn't have the buy-in at that point to use Professional Services to sup up our instance. We had someone internal step up to the plate and put a theme together for us. It came with some bugs but got us off the ground. In the course of the last year I've made changes to the core code.


      It would be nice to be able to go to a thread and check a box for things you've implemented. Be it customizations/changes completed with the help of the awesome supportal guys and gals or through Professional Services. Either way, it would be good to have an easy way to track this. I know how busy I am. To get everything ready for PS to get us updated for 4.0.X is a nightmare as I'm sure I've left things out. Worried that I'll lose functionality. So yes I'm hitting myself with a stupid stick now for not keeping better track of what I've done. Hopefully I will help someone else from making this same stupid mistake.


      I know some will probably say... Well check your cases/posts, it's all there. True it is, but depending on how long you've been around... That can be lots of cases/posts. At first glance this is probably beneficial mostly to those who haven't used professional services and who plan to use professional services but I think that professional services can probably use this as well. Perhaps it could help reduce the time required to complete a customization if more than one customer has the same request(Library of customizations) if you will. This is certainly not to question the ability of Professional Services or Supportal Folks. I admire their skills!