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    Community Manager Job Posting at PECI

      If anyone knows of any folks that would be interested in this position please feel free to forward it along. They are welcome to contact me directly; Valerie Larson at vlarson@peci.org.





      PECI is an energy efficiency consulting agency that designs and implements energy efficiency programs and research for utility companies and governmental agencies. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, PECI has a longstanding tradition of pairing innovation with practicality to deliver customized energy solutions in building commissioning, retrocommissioning, and new construction with focus on HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and appliances.


      About the Position:

      PECI is looking for a Community Manager to manage of all aspects of day-to-day community life on our internal collaboration system; Jive Software’s SBS; including setting the tone, enforcing policies, and managing content. This person will also participate in training of new community members and will collaborate with department level community manager’s to get the most benefit from the system. The community manager will also fill the role of moderator of content.


      Preference will be given to candidates who have prior work experience and success in implementing and managing a Jive SBS or related software program for internal employee knowledge sharing.


      Key Responsibilities:

      • Guide PECI in successfully developing Loop to be one of the key communication and knowledge systems
      • User adoption; including facilitating user forums, committees and training
      • Increase the awareness of and use of Loop and Web 2.0 tools across the company.
      • Provide leadership to motivate & maximize the impact and adoption of Loop within PECI.
      • Monitor the content being authored, identify potential problems and issues and use the proper escalation channels to address the issues
      • Be available to the staff across the company to assist them in identifying & using new features in Loop
      • Stay current on new community/knowledge tools and best practices and how other organizations and companies are utilizing them, so that PECI can continue to be an early adopter of these types of technologies
      • Report to senior staff about successes and lessons learned
      • Establish and enforce standards of respect and helpfulness in our online community and interact directly with community members to promote goodwill and settle disputes
      • Facilitating technical support



      • Minimum 2 years experience in managing an internal collaboration and knowledge system
      • Bachelors degree in communications, marketing, business or related field
      • Demonstrable experience building and facilitating online communities
      • Working knowledge of Jive SBS 3.0/4.0 is highly preferred
      • Experience moderating content
      • Experience working with community leaders
      • Proficient in the use of forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other tools to create content
      • Customer centric and demonstrated skills in providing solutions
      • Independent, creative leader
      • Excellent written and verbal presentation and communication skills
      • Avid learner who stays current on new collaboration technologies and industry best practices


      To Apply:

      Please apply directly on our website at www.peci.org