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    jivedw_object table - name of 'CONTENT'

      I am trying to figure out what transactions generate an object with names of 'CONTENT'.


      I have attached a pdf that provides some of the data that I am trying to map out.  This combines the monthly activity for a user, with the object table and container table (not very relavent for this question).


      For monthly activity records that have a real name such as creation or modification of a discussion with a real name, I can go online and see this in the jive application.  For any of the activity records that are associated to an object record with a name of 'CONTENT', there seems to be no online application evidence that this activity ever occured.


      Many of the activity transactions see to be discussion related - I created a discussion message, I modified a discussion message.


      I am leaning towards ignoring any activity records that are associated with objects having a name of 'CONTENT'.


      - what are the transactions that generate activity against an object named 'CONTENT'?

      - should these be removed from queries so that what I report on match with what our users can visually see online?


      Explanation/examples/guidance here would be appreciated.


      Thanks, Tom.