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    Use cases - Email vs Instant Messaging vs SBS comparison


      I work in a municipal government and when we go to out to the departments and present SBS and IM (for INTERNAL application only), we keep getting asked, "can't we just use the phone?", "how is this different from email?". The feedback we are receiving is that they are already so innundated with emails and voice mails, how will they manage if we add 2 more tools for communication. So we explain that it is a change in how they will do their work - it's not supposed to ADD to the work load. One person mentioned it would help them understand it better if we gave them a hand-out with use cases of when they would use Email vs IM vs SBS.


      Is anyone else out there getting this type of reaction? How are you handling it?


      I'd like to compile use cases from other organizations using IM and SBS, and would make it available here. I started a quick example below... If you have a different opinion on something, please say so!!


      I haven't even delved into document collaboration, etc.... feel free to comment on anything you see that would fit in a comparison!


      Use CaseEmailInstant Messaging (Internal)SBS (Internal)
      AudienceOne-to-one or one-to-many (Cc)One-to-oneOne-to-many
      Speed of responseUnknownImmediate - presence indicationUnknown
      Type of CommunicationFormal, vertical (management chain)Informal, horizontalInformal, horizontal and vertical
      Visibility & Discoverabilityonly to the sender and recipient(s)only to the sender and recipientto many
      Type of question/discussionMore complex, takes longer to obtain answerBrief, likely to have a readily obtained answer/responseMixed
      InterruptionEmail sits until the recipient is finished completing the task they are doingCan be answered while doing other tasks, as it is quick and short, and does not pull your cognitive processes away from whatever else you’re doingMake time to browse to the SBS site as another task
      Size of attachmentsRestrictedNo attachments (depends on client)No restriction


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