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    Best Practices for Sharepoint?


      Hello to the group - we have questions regarding Sharepoint integration. We'd like to understand how others are linking their SBS instances with Sharepoint:


      • What approaches (technical, usage design and organizational) are successful?
      • How are you doing it now, vs. with the new Sharepoint Connector?
      • What advantages does the new Connector have over prior methods?
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          Hi Kerry,


          I'm Gia, the new Program Manager for the Jive Community, previously with Jive Strategy Consulting. Is it ok if I move your question into another area of the Jive Community so that I can introduce you to some of our customers who've integrated and positioned SharePoint with Jive? Specifically, I'd like to bring your question to the notice of Jennifer Bouani and Roy Wilsker.


          Let me know, and I'll move your question (it'll be in a public area, as opposed to this secret one), then notify Jennifer and Roy about your question.



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            rwilsker Advanced

            This is very new for us, also - we're just launching (July 14th) the updated versions of our Jive (4.0.9) environment and our new SharePoint Portal / WSS environment.


            We're starting simply - just implementing bidirectional search between Jive and SharePoint. We'll add in other features over time.


            Since the portal is the more static area, we're setting it up so that for each article published by Corporate Communications on the portal there's a corresponding discussion area on Jive, with a link from the article to the discussion ("Want to discuss this article? Click here.") We also link back to the Portal from Jive, as appropriate, but these are straight links, not via the connector.


            Philosophically, we treat SharePoint as a document repository / area for published corporate communications. Interactivity takes place in Jive. We expect the corporate communications to migrate over to Jive, also, over time.

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              You might also find some useful information in the Manheim Case Study [PDF]. There's a very short explanation of how they're positioning Jive and Sharepoint in the middle of page 1, and Jennifer goes into detail on the following pages.


              Also, I spoke with Jennifer about your request, and she's working with her colleagues to determine how much more she can share with the community about their efforts, so stay tuned!

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                  Thanks, Gia! I'm passing this case study around our shop because it articulates the vision we're proposing very well, at least at a high level.


                  However, we do have some more specific questions re using the Sharepoint connector:
                  If we want to link SBS to Sharepoint (WSS, not MOSS) for binary/auditable/versionable documents; workflow; calendars; and lists:
                  • How difficult is it to set up the connector?
                  • How much connective function is ready "out of the box", vs. requiring custom code?
                  • Is there a difference in doing this when using WSS vs. MOSS?
                  • Has anyone succesfully deployed the Sharepoint connector for any of those functions?
                  Basically we're concerned about the effort it will take to implement the connector for those functions, and whether we're up to the task.
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                      Hi Kerry,


                      I'll get someone with more technical chops to take a look at this, and respond. Great that the case study is helping! Jennifer's future blog post (look for it in a week or two) will shed even more details on it.


                      BTW, I look forward to meeting you at JiveWorld EAB meeting, if you're attending!

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                        Let me see if I can add some technical detail to the discussion...
                        >>  How difficult is it to set up the connector?
                        Set-up is quite straight forward – it requires the installation of the Jive SharePoint Connector on your SharePoint instance and installing the Jive Connects Plugin for SharePoint on the Jive SBS instance. Each software instance be it SharePoint or Jive SBS will need to be configured to be aware of the other. User credentials and access authorization policies should be considered prior to the Connector deployment – that typically requires a conversation with a Microsoft SharePoint expert (as there are a variety of ways authentication can be implemented on the SharePoint side) Jive can help facilitate this conversation with tech resources on-staff and within our partner community.
                        >> How much connective function is ready "out of the box", vs. requiring custom code?
                        In terms of OOTB versus customization – that tends to depend on the specific requirements of the implementation; again, Microsoft SharePoint experts are the best to query should specific enhancements be required. However, "out of the tin" you should expect the following:
                          1. Search integration between SBS and SharePoint
                          2. Jive SharePoint Web Parts allowing SharePoint site admins to incorporate Jive content directly into SharePoint sites. Web Parts include (Jive SBS Context Menu, Jive Federated Search, Jive Places, Recent Content and Watch a Tag)
                          3. Jive User and Container Overview dwell within Jive SharePoint Web Parts
                          4. Exposing SharePoint Lists to Jive containers. Any list within a SharePoint site can exposed to a SharePoint List Widget within Jive SBS.
                          5. SharePoint Calendars can be directly referenced by a dedicated Jive SharePoint Calendar Widget.
                          6. Jive Recent Activity Widget includes socialized SharePoint content.
                          7. Jive RTE Document Link is enhanced with the ability to search and link to content found in connected SharePoint instances
                          8. Ability to open and preview documents that reside in SharePoint within socialized Jive SBS containers. Documents are indicated they come from SharePoint but display they would within Jive Document preview. This permits Jive rating and commenting on the SharePoint document.
                          9. Ability to migrate Document content from Jive SBS to SharePoint Document Libraries.
                        >>  Is there a difference in doing this when using WSS vs. MOSS?
                        Not at present – Jive Connects for Microsoft SharePoint currently supports Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and MOSS 2007.
                        >> Has anyone successfully deployed the Sharepoint connector for any of those functions?
                        I’ll defer to the broader community here but Bill Davis and I can look into establishing a reference call with a client that is actively using the SharePoint Connector (Bill and I will follow up on this one).
                        Hope that helps a little – please let me know if you have any questions. In terms of effort estimation, if you’re looking to check the connector out without a broader commitment, I would suggest putting a small reference environment together that your team could use to evaluate the connector in action and determine if it is the right fit for GWL, Bill Davis, Brad Treesh and I can help to scope that program for you.