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    Differentiating between marketing "The Community" and each of its individual communities

      Our external Jive community, the EMC Community Network (ECN), is comprised of about 50 communities...some large, some small,  some vibrant and some struggling. Each of these 50 communities is  purpose-built around a specific product or solution area. What's the  best way to increase awareness and membership of the ECN, as a whole,  and drive traffic to individual communities that comprise the ECN?  We  approached this by developing two different, but related, marketing  strategies.


      1)  Market the entire concept of "Community"--the ECN, a network of 50  communities powered by the collaboration of employees, customers and  partners. We think of this as providing awareness and air cover. Our  team of two (Helena Starc and me) provides this over-arching marketing  support.


      2) Arm each of the community marketing teams  with guidance, best practices, and programmatic tools enabling them to  target their own specific markets directly. The community teams know who  their customers are, they know their pain points and their interests.


      Is this the  best community marketing strategy?  It seems to make logical sense to  us,  given the wide diversity of our communities and the types of  customers and partners each attract. Do you have a similar dynamic?   What is your community marketing strategy?


      In subsequent discussions, blogs  and documents, our team would find real value in sharing community  marketing campaigns, tools, materials and best practices as well as  concerns. What's worked and what's not worked?  Are you interested?  Please share something about how you market your community(s) and some  of your experiences.