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    Ideas to drive awareness and community membership

      There are hundreds of ways to drive awareness and membership to your  community. Some are low cost and take minimal effort, some are expensive  and cause months of worry and work. The cost and effort is not always  commensurate with the results.  I'd be interested in hearing how you're  promoting your community and what's worked well for you.


      This video is a few  weeks old and is the shiny new tool in our arsenal. We've begun to use  it in a variety of ways to drive awareness and membership both within  EMC and outside. It's part of our "Get Connected" campaign. This video  is a great way to start presentations and explain what we're trying to  do with our communities and why their valuable. We used it at EMC World  and have promoted it both "socially" and traditionally as a great  community introduction. .


      I post this not to brag, and not because I think it's going to dramatically increase membership, although its doing a great job, especially internally, in driving awareness. I share it in hopes that this tool will help you and encourage you to  post materials you've used.  And truth be told, I just  saw this SAP community video and felt their's was even better. Hey videos are only one  approach....what are you doing to accelerate membership? We're always looking for this magic bullet. We haven't found it yet. Have you?