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    What is Jive's Stance on Cisco Quad?


      I just saw this demo on the Cisco Quad.  It has several features that our community has been asking for such as integration with outlook, viewing status updates, etc.  Is there anything Jive is doing to compete with these features? What are your thoughts on this?




      Link to Quad documentation:  http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps10668/index.html

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          Hi Lindsay,

          Thanks for your question. Yes, we are aware of Cisco Quad. Its great Cisco has a product for enterprise collaboration and further validates the space we are in. We see so many traditional enterprise software or content management vendors make a foray into the enterprise colaboration space and model their products on successful social software vendors such as Jive. Cisco is just one additional example.

          However Jive has some key differentiators for which we are considered leaders in this marketplace with 3000 customers and 15m + users. Not everyone cam claim that!


          • Filtering   through the noise - With Quad, you can only filter activities in your   feed by contacts or communities. Not by any additional parameters. Jive   is providing new innovations to refine activity and filter the noise   generated from social technologies.  With our 5.0 release, Jive will   introduce intelligent filtering, proprietary algorithms and network   analysis, so that users that will immediately separate what users want   to know from what they need to know, and what they need to take action   upon. Not to mention the recommendations engine, that helps identify  who  and what content you should be following.
          • Connecting   employees, customers and the social web -  Jive is the only   vendor that connects employees, customers and  partners with one  secure,  scalable and reliable platform and helps monitor the social web  to  build brand presence and customer loyalty.
          • As regards the status updates question, where   Quad only includes microblogging and profiling as part of their   platform, Jive 4.5 goes a step further to not only provide microblogging and   profiling as part of the core platform, but also partner with Twitter   and LinkedIn (as an example)  to include deeper and richer integrations   with these common consumer social networking tools and leverage that   data within SBS. If the goal is to truly bring social to the enterprise   and mimic the user experience of the social web, Jive is far ahead of the curve. 
          • Jive continues  to be  a user's consolidated social graph, where  information is filtered  in  from various sources - be it legacy CMS,  CRM or line of business   applications. Our Apps Market strategy further  strengthens the ability   for Jive to connect with multiple systems and  applications.
          • In addition to the above, Jive has several other differentiators including proven success in social business   (Cisco is still only in beta with 10 customers). Jive has customers willing to vouch for the superiority of   our platform), usability/user adoption and rapid innovation to define   what social business should look like.


          As regards the integration with Outlook, we do have some exciting  news about our integration with Office which will be finalized and made  available as a module

          (Jive connects for Microsoft Office) in  late August, so stay tuned!


          Does this help answer your question? Let us know if you would like to discuss further.