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    Migration from other Forum Software to Jive

      We are migrating from vBulletin to Jive. What I need to know, is are the Jive developers aware of any tools to migrate our users/threads/posts/etc?


      There are many plugins within vbulletin to bring in data FROM other systems, but not to..this is a must before we can commit to Jive.

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          I know this user is deactivated but thought I would respond anyway with some thoughts for anyone asking the same question.


          Personally I don't know of an available tool for migrating vBulletin to Jive, perhaps others do.  But I do know that Jive has APIs for inserting content and vBulletin also has APIs for retrieving content, users, attachments etc. 

          If you could programmatically work out how to create a user, then impersonate that user to pull and push their content into the new Jive forums you should be in business.