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    What are top 3 things you want to hear from Jenn Bouani re: SharePoint + Jive?

      I'm thrilled that Jennifer Bouani from Manheim will be joining our Jive Business blogging team! She, along with Jamie Pappas from EMC, Greg Lowe from Alcatel-Lucent, Roy Wilsker from Covidien, and many other fantastic Jive customers are sharing their thoughts and experiences here in the Jive Business Community, as well as in the private The specified item was not found. group, the open Jive Internal Communities group, and throughout the overall Jive Community. Thanks to you all!


      Now, back to business.


      Jenn wanted to know what the top three things you'd like to hear about regarding Manheim's internal implementation of Jive SBS (called "Main Street") + the Jive SharePoint Connector. She'll craft her blog post accordingly - watch for it to be published in mid-July.

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          I'm interested in understanding where the users are spending their time.   Are users "living" in SP and posting to Jive or vice versa.


          Are they  using sharepoint versioning?  If so, how?


          How is Jive/SP affecting email  usage?  What percentage decrease of email are they seeing with Jive  SharePoint integration compared to the "old fashion" way of emailing  everyone?  Are users still relying on email to communicate their docs?   Has there been a ramp-up period?


          Are they using Sharepoint as the  exclusive repository or are they splitting between storing in Jive and  SP?