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    How does Jive store incremental document changes?


      I am a bit surprised to find Jive has a limit to the size of document it can produce a difference between versions on.


      I am also missing an RSS feed that shows the difference between one version and another when a document is modified, rather than just reposting the entire text.


      This got me thinking - how does Jive store modifications to documents? Does it:

      1. Store a whole copy of the document for each version
      2. Store only the 'difference' between each version


      I strongly suspect it is option 1. This would explain the lack of a difference feed and the size restriction on diffs. Apart from these missing features, it is an inefficient use of disk space to store whole copies of versions.


      Does anyone know for sure?

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          Hi Steve,


          You are correct, Jive currently stores the full content of the document for each version. Storing only the difference between each version would make a difference feed easier as well as viewing very large document diffs, however, it would have the downside of having to construct the document from the various diffs that are stored, causing the "read" operation to be more expensive. Of course there are ways to solve that new set of problems, but like most things, it's a trade off and we'll usually lean towards the side that makes read operations as efficient as possible.