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    Support Cases Functionality


      Now that we have become a paid customer, I see the funtionality to do support cases which is somewhat similar to Jira.  Is the support cases functionality out of the box for all Jive SBS 4.5 instances or is this a plugin or an addon, or just customization done by jive for JiveSoftware use only?  

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          Jive actually uses Salesforce.com (SFDC) for their back-end case management - what you see in Jive's support site is a custom integration between the two that utilizes the Jive discussion framework to track the support case history.  I'm sure Jive's professional services team would be happy to chat with you if you're interested in that solution.  ;-)  We actually just finished working with Jive PS folks to roll out our own integration with SFDC case management that's independent of discussions.


          In short, no case management functionality ootb, but you may find it very valuable to extend the Jive platform to also fulfill the roll of "support portal" for your customers.  We did, and Jive certainly did as well.



          Scott B.