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    Notification to author who initiated/created the thread fro discussion



      We have integrated jive sbs server with our own client. We are using webservices for creating thread, posting comments to jive.

      We are using discussion/ forum web service for this.

      The thread will be created in jive at run time when the user access any article page of our site. So an article is mapped to one thread in jive.

      User can post comment about that article and those will be saved in jive using web services.


      Currently the users are notified when there is any reply to their comment.

      But we need to notify the author of the article(thread)  when there is any comments posted to that thread.


      We need thread level notification. Is it possible in jive sbs?


      We are not sure how to achieve this.


      Can anyone help us with this request?


      Thanks in advance.