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    Creating a space (sub community) for our salesforce and some customers


      I hope that this is a good place to ask this question!!

      We have had a question come up that we believe that a JIVE community could answer. At Philips we have a JIVE SBS community.

      We have an Italian office and salesforce that would like an Italian language sub community that would have restricted access to that sales force and some of it's customers, to give them the most useful and needed data to help them in sales. So JIVE would need to be in Italian for that sub-community, and NOT be visible to anyone else who had a JIVE logon. Typically it would be used as a location for electronic brochures, datasheets, ppt presentations by PMs, promotional conditions etc etc. I guess we would need to switch on the documents module. However, another requirement is that within this sub community, there would be Philips sales staff as well as customers with a logon. So we want to load an item once, so that approved Philips staff with a logon can see them, but some of  customers would not be able to see them, all within this Italian subcommunity, which would not be visible to everyone else with a logon right to the main global community.