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    Jive and e-discovery

      We're doing a lot of work with communities this year, and while this is generating a tremendous amount of excitement, I'm also hearing a lot of concern about things like e-discovery.  What has your experience been?  I'm especially interested in how this is handled within private groups/communities.  Also, how about project workspaces?  

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          Hi Lisa,


          From my experience consulting with several large Jive customers, there's no silver bullet when it comes to addressing e-discovery, as I'm sure you're well aware of. If you apply e-discovery rules you use for corporate email, e.g., email is deleted from the server every 90 days, you'd effectively be administering a corporate knowledge "lobotomy." But, if you apply no rules, you're leaving your organization at risk.


          In an employee-facing community, it is imperative that your policies and guidelines address what kind of information can be shared in your community, especially in private or secret groups, as you point out. During a case, you'd need system administration access to search those private and secret groups, of course.


          But, as I understand it, the real cost is the hourly legal rates required to pour through all those documents during litigation, thus the "flushing" we see every 90 days or so in many corporate email policies. This article from ZDNet Australia discusses a different tactic, one that changes the Australian laws to reduce the overload of documents involved in litigation. I know it doesn't apply to the U.S., but I found it interesting that, instead of applying traditional policies and processes to this new technology, a revision of the policies and processes is taking place.


          I've asked some of our larger global customers to respond as well - I hope this helps!

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            Very interested in this ourselves. I noted there have been discussions of this in the past, with no clear solution arrived at.


            Given that a third party e-discovery tool is not implemented in My Corporation, how does one perform discovery of documents, comments, discussions, et al, in SBS? Direct SQL queries of the content? Offload the dB for a battalion of investigators to sift through, after getting a crash course in SBS's data model?

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              Lately, I've been working with a lot of companies that either have a need for eDiscovery on Jive content, have a need for limiting retention (and defensible disposal), or have gone the route of dumping the Jive data via SMTP and have found the pro's and con's (no context, deleted or modified content not captured, issues with downstream eD tools or internal review).  Please feel free to contact me and I'll share anything (non-proprietary) that I can to help.