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    Community Manager Tips?

      I'm the new Community Manager for a new business project and I was  wondering if there were any vetrans out there who use the Jive platform  for work.  I'm looking for suggestions, tips and this to expect when  being a Community Manager.  If you have any tips and tricks I would  really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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          The biggest thing is to have each community/group owner think about why people would want to come there (instead of why they want them to come).  Once there, why want to do anything.  Think about how you will measure success.  If this is a read only, like a web page, then the page views will do.  If this is a true collaboration site, then the engagement of the members is what is important.


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              Yes! One of my favorite questions is 'Why?' Why build the space? Once I am in the space, why am I here? Why should I do something here?


              We are launching our employee community very soon (soft launch Monday, full launch in August). I just put together a preliminary checklist (attached) for departments that want to build a dedicated presense in the community. Our default site structure includes cross-functional areas that may (should) be of interest to all employees. So, one question underlying the checklist is, "Why do you need a dedicated space? What information or activities cannot be handled by the cross-functional areas?" We do not want to re-create silos of information, so I will be pressing hard on these questions.



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              Hello there!


              For starters, check out Kevin Crossman's new blog post, Off-the-Grid Community Managment, and all the comments - some great success stories there!


              I have also bookmarked What would you expect from a Jivespace community manager? The topic managing the Jive community, but the concepts can be applied anywhere.


              One more thread - see Claire Flanagan's response about planning your community in this thread.


              I hope these are helpful. Welcome to the Jive community!



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                When we started with Jive we had a Jive Governance Team that pre-seeded the Jive installation with a space structure up to 3 levels down. This was based on numerous discussions with department and senior managers but also several wiki owners. This and other things enabled a good start (64% engaging within 5 months). However, we were fairly loose in respect to the space layout and created us a challenge.


                Second wave adopters found it very hard to find anything on the system nor did they feel at 'home'. Navigation was poor and double ups happened (spaces and related groups). The original governance team had partially wandered of to other tasks and projects leaving a bit of a vacuum.


                We used the opportunity to engage with people, created a space template (screenshot below) and discussed elements being mandatory and optional. This is now going further than or together with the preliminary onboarding checklist (excellent document!) which was provided earlier in this discussion.


                Originally we also allowed all staff to create groups. (Check the advise from Gia Lyons) That helped a lot getting over the "too hard" concern. We had a large number of groups being created in the first few months dropping down to just a few after that. Quite a few of these groups needed to be migrated to spaces or merged with spaces. Staff had a lot more difficulties relating to a space than to a group. The group membership tab is so useful! It creates a real community feel. And you know who has got access. With spaces Joe Blogg doesn't know if Jane Doe can see this or not.


                Training sessions. We engaged with all staff early in the process and did 'show and tell' sessions. Later we provided open training sessions, specific training for space administrators, and online resources. Now, we do specific workshops for departments and groups. User adoption never ends. I can recommend Michael Sampson's book "User adoption strategies" as a practical resource.




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                  To expand on my question, I was wondering what your day looks like daily, time commitments / time sucks to plan for expectations.  I'm starting to get worried that being a community manager is going to consume my life.  Any suggestions / tips for this fear?

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                      The problem with really being able to answer that question is that there are so many variables that come into play. For example, one of my huge time sucks at the moment is doing user approvals. We don't currently have the option of using Active Directory or LDAP to to manage our internal users, and so we use the out-of-the-box user approval system. And with 13 different companies, coordinating all of this takes a lot of time.