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    Do you correlate community activity with lead gen?

      If you have a branded community that isn't specific to a single business activity, such as a support or developer-only community, how do you go about correlating community activities such as registrations, logins, and general participation to lead generation metrics?

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          Also wondering about this as we have recently launched a new community and am looking for ways to begin to measure the effectiveness of our content based on lead generation. Any best practices to share on the topic?

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              At a high level, we generate a custom downloads report on a regular basis which contain elements of the user profile, along with the specific pieces of content downloaded.  That information then gets loaded into a master repository that is then used to grade the leads based on some business logic/grading criteria we create based on download activity.  All of the leads are then manually loaded into our CRM implementation, and the leads that were graded Hot/Warm are assigned to a core team in each region for further follow up.  That team then researches the customer, activity in the forums, calls, etc., then decides which partner will ultimately be assigned the lead for follow up. Once assigned, the activity is then track through a series of closed loop reports tracking which ones move into the funnel, and the partners are then graded on lead follow-up - the better they perform, the more leads they receive.