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    Encouraging Members to Complete Their Profiles


      What techniques do you leverage to encourage your community members to  share a little more info about themselves in their profiles?

      Some are obvious:
      1. Detail out the benefits - Overall better networking experience; When  responding to a discussion, it helps to be able to place the response in  the context of the original poster's expertise or background; Easier to  rally members around common interests when forming/joining groups

      2. Bait members with a reward - Offer some company branded swag. Anything from t-shirts to flipcams.

      3. Team up with power users - Approach some of the top contributors in  the community and ask for their assistance in driving profile completeness. Have them complete their  profile and encourage others to do the same. Top contributors are the  role models of any community. Other members will begin to follow suit.

      Have you used any of the above techniques? What other techniques have  you used? Can the same be used to encourage members to upload a profile  picture of choose an avatar to display?

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          When I was an IBMer, the most effective motivator to complete my profile was repeated requests to do so from my manager. I and my colleagues heard every week on our team call, "Some of you still need to finish your Blue Pages profiles. I'm really getting tired of saying that." I don't have solid data, but it seems I heard that for about 6 months...


          When rewards don't work, wear them down with top-down messages.



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