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    Surveying your users for feedback


      How do you all collect feedback from your users regarding your jive implementation/community?  Do you survey them periodically using an online survey?  If so, what questions do you ask them and how often?  How do you collect success stories from your members, - manually (you have to ask for them) or online?


      Thanks so much!!

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          Our employee community is one week old into our soft launch phase. People have already approached me to share how the community has helped them... woo hoo! We are directing folks to post their success stories in our 'Help & Feedback' area and tag with 'success_story.' This is being communicated by me and the department community managers.

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              We are just in the midst of building a measurement framework that will include an online survey, review of statistics of the site (what actions users are doing, etc.), and a review of our annual employee engagement survey (there are some specific questions on access to information, work environment and communication within the organization).


              While it isn't finalized as of yet, we want to measure "belief" measures - in how the tool is helping them become more effective, but also identify the types of activities that they are doing on the site to make them more productive.


              We have heard success stories by word of mouth as well - however, getting folks to document them seems to be a bit of a task.  We've encouraged those with good stories to tell to post them on the site for others to see - and once we get submissions - we'll be featuring them for other users.


              One of our intact groups of systems analysts prepared a powerpoint presentation and delivered it to the rest of the company.  We took the presentation, added an audio track and turned it into a flash module for others to view.