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    Benchmarking to measure success


      Let me give you a hypothetical. Let's say you get 5,000 registered members in the first month, a 25% active participant rate, and an average of 100 discussion threads a week. In my mind, the numbers look impressive, but how does your community stack up to your peers'? What's out there for benchmarks?


      Or are communities too hard to measure that way? The true indicator of a successful community may be the value that members pull out from their community participation. But how do you measure that?



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          I hear ya. I'm measuring this Jive Community, for example, based on how participation in same correlates to these business metrics:


          • sales opportunity age (my hypothesis is that, for Jive sellers who use this community's Workspace Collaboration process to collaborate with prospects, they close deals faster)
          • # leads coded as coming from this community (my hypothesis is that potential leads coming from this community become qualified leads)
          • # successful professional services engagements (hypothesis: for those who use this community to collaborate on implementation projects, they experience a greater level of success in their implementation - still defining what "success" means here)


          Those are a few of the metrics I intend to correlate with Jive Community participation, in addition to the vitality metrics you describe. Putting all of them together will hopefully give us more insight as to the real business value of this community.

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            I've had much the same question. I know there are many variables in community success, but it would be great to look at the performance rates of a number of Jive external communities to get a sense of web behavior norms and what factors promote success.


            I definitely agree we have to measure the qualitative, and that quantitative measures come with some big caveats, but I too am looking for benchmarks.


            My ideal would be to have a wide graph showing all (willing) Jive users' traffic from day 1, with a filter that allowed me to uncheck any/all of many factors (e.g., audience size, for-profit/not-for-profit, industry, marketing scope...). That way we could compare ourselves against others who have similar target markets, or similar audience sizes, or similar marketing campaigns, or are in the same industry, and evaluate the picture for each. (Blue sky, I know..!)



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                I like your thinking!  I'd like to take it a step further by using an analogous situation with another one of our vendors...


                The company that does our transactional and relationship CSAT surveys publishes benchmarks on a quarterly basis.  They categorize their customers by industry, size, etc.  When they release the benchmarks they don't say that it's made up of companies "A", "B", and "C"...but what they do tell you is that "This set of benchmarks is made up of companies that sell these types of products, are this sort of size, etc."  Segregating it by for-profit (public and/or private), NFP, etc., should be easy if you know enough about your customers.


                My thought is that Jive could easily do the same.  Showing percentages rather than absolute numbers would be more meaningful, and would help me compare my relative success to companies that have customer bases that are several orders of magnitude larger than mine.  When I talk to company 'x' who has 20,000,000 customers and 2,000,000 active users in their community, that's a 10% rate.  If I've got 1,000 licensed customers and 100 users, then I'm just as "successful" relative to my market as they are to theirs.


                To the Jive folks out there - I talked with several people at JW who are managing new communities - seems like the most prevalent question that we're collectively getting asked of management is "How do you know if your community is successful or not?"

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                    To the Jive folks out there - I talked with several people at JW who are managing new communities - seems like the most prevalent question that we're collectively getting asked of management is "How do you know if your community is successful or not?"

                    Doesn't a lot of this depend on what you're actually using your community for? What I measure as a success for our external support community installation of SBS is way different than what I would consider our internal company wide collaboration install.

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                  Hello Jive Community,


                  I see that the last post on this topic is dated September 15, 2010. Have any success metrics been determined since then? We too are wondering how to judge whether or not our community is successful. If this information is another post I would appreciate if you could share the link.


                  Thank you,


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                    What analytics options are avaaible in Jive asided from the Business Objects module?  Can anyone share specifics that they are using on their jive community?