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    Sharing Content Across Multiple Spaces

      I am trying to pull content from other spaces within our Jive instance into multiple spaces, and I have been using RSS widgets to feed in content or editing the recent content/recent video/recent document widget to pull the content from other locations. The issue is that once a user clicks on the content it takes the user into the space in which the content lives. We need to be able to have the content live in one space(A) and then pull the content into multiple spaces (B,C,D) but have the content appear that it lives in spaces(B,C,D) so that when the user clicks to view the content they are not taken to another space, but can view it within the space(A) they are currently in. We need to be able to do this for all content types(docs, discussions, blogs, and videos). Please let me know if there is a method to allow this functionality. If this is not able to be done in v4.0.9 will this be available in v4.5 or a future release?

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          I'm currently evaluating v4.5 and I don't see that capability. One of the things I expected to see was content from children (subspaces and projects).

          In our example, we have an IT space and one of the projects under that space was setting up IT training materials. One of the trainers posted a video to the project containing a short tutorial on environment setup. Initially, I would expect that video to show up under IT's "Recent Content". Sort of a "this is what's happening under the IT umbrella" thing. That is not the case with Jive.


          The RSS feed for content is a really cool idea for making that content visible but I still don't quite see why you wouldn't want to move to the content's real container when viewing that content in detail. Could you provide a hypothetical user story so I could get a better idea?

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            Hi Jeff,


            to my knowledge that is not possible in Jive 4.5. We are testing this for a few weeaks now and I can't see that option. I like the idea very much to be able to making content visible in multiple spaces.


            Maybe you create this as an idea? I'll vote for it.