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    Email notifications - full content or just a link?


      Hello Internal Community Managers -


      Aaak, I can't sleep! Hopefully posting this question here will allow me to put the challenge, and myself, to rest for the night.


      Our employee community is in a soft launch phase with full launch scheduled next week. The email notifications that employees receive contain the full text of the content (discussion, Jive document, blog post, etc.). The Information Security team is suggesting that we remove the full content from the email notification and instead send "content has been updated - click the link to view."


      My fear is that this change will have a big negative impact on adoption and the user experience. I understand that we want to protect sensitive company information. In preparation a meeting tomorrow to make decisions on this, my mind is racing with scenarios of compassionate acknowledgement of the risks of email, and persuasive "lead the horse to water" exercises to support leaving the full content in the email notification.


      Have you had to address this issue within your business? What was your experience?


      Do you use the "send just a link" model? How has it worked out for you? (i.e., is my fear unfounded?)


      Thanks, and good night!



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          For others interested in this topic, I found this thread from last year - good insights from other community managers: What do you do about email notifications

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            Hi Trisha,


            We had the same considerations before going live ourselves. What we quickly realised is that one of the values of Jive SBS is it's ability to reach everybody and be accessible by all (via the interface, mobile (more and more) and email).


            Our execs frequently respond to discussions via their blackberries by simply replying to the message.


            If you remove the content, this will no longer be possible.


            if you have many mobile users in your organisations (and who doesn't?) then I'd strongly consider the implications of removing the content from the email notifications.


            For us we argued (successfully) that it's not an information security issue. It's an employee community so it remains internal. If you control the registration, only valid internal users will have access. Only users who have access to a group will receive the email notifications if they subscribe. They will not see any emails from content which they haven't got access too. The email system needs to be secure in its own right. Whily it's possible to forward these messages to others who don't have access. This is no different to forwarding confidential emails and this issue has nothing to do with Jive SBS but is a general email issue.


            Jive SBS enhances collaboration by replacing many email thready being sent around as the discussion can happen in one place and includes all the group members.


            I hope this is of some help.


            Kind Regards,


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              Hi Trisha,


              thanks for posting that question and the related link


              I agree with Ben with having a lot of roaming staff they rely on the ability to simply click on the reply button. They need the information at hand to be able to do so. From our perspective this is not a security concern in itself. We have policies in place in respect to information classification and what level can be send via email without other security measures. It comes down to what content type (public, internal, confidential, highly confidential) you have on your Jive installation. By default ours is internal.


              From my perspective, I would like to see the ability to turn of email content notification for highly confidential information. But this applies to all emails not only SBS notifications.... Hence from an IT perspective we encrypt all email traffic.


              We also educate our users in how to make best use of email notifications in comparison to the personalised homepage using the feature of following people and places. This works for on campus and remote staff, less for travelling people.




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                We also have a large number of email only folks.  In addition to highlighting the ability to sign up for email notification, we customized the discussion emails to include the original content and the path to the community, in case the community name was used by multiple places.


                Shifting the behavior a little, ie sign up for notification, is easier than trying to force people to give up email and login to the community.



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                    Thanks everyone - your responses have been very helpful! We will be focusing on information classification and how this applies to content posted in our employee SBS and email in general.


                    The main sticking point for one person is, "I don't understand why it is such a big deal to click a link!" We have presented all the reasons listed here - mobile users, easy access to information, ability to respond quickly - but I guess he is a different type of user.


                    Thanks again for your quick input today. I am sure it was the Jive email notification feature that alerted you to this Jive Community member in need.