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    Let's talk about trust - Who does (blank) in your community?


      Do you have more 'roles' within your community than traditional Admin and Moderator?  Do you allow Subject Matter Experts additional permissions/privileges such as managing content?  What about granting our trusted super-users additional abilities?


      Our community is primarily geared for use by our front line employees, but our support staff (Analysts, Product/Program Managers, etc.) have expressed interest in deeper participation and to some extent management of their respective areas of expertise.  I'm curious if this is a common request and something we should explore or avoid?


      For those who may have ventured into this area, how have you gone about this?  What should we consider?  What should we avoid?

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          I know other Jive customers will respond to this as well, but I can give you perspective across several customers, based on my consulting work with them over the years.


          In most cases, it is encouraged that each community has its own individual community manager/facilitator, right from initial launch. That role is sometimes filled by SMEs, sometimes by good souls who simply enjoy managing a community. Many Jive customers have a simple questionnaire and/or training course they put community manager hopeful through, in order to "certify" them to manage well, using the admin console (in the case of space or user admin rights), the group management area in the UI, and most importantly, the human side of managing a community. This includes what to do with undesirable behavior (in accordance with HR guidelines), and other processes.


          Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for your reply Gia!


              However, I'm kinda bummed.  I'm not sure whether to assume everyone agreed with your perspective (and didn't post) or... whether no one else is doing something like this.


              Help me JiveCommunityInternalCommunityManagersGroup!  You're my only hope! 

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                  This is what we do too.  I look in on what the current communities there are that are really important to the company overall (if our community works for such big initiatives... surely it can work for you kinda thing is why I do it).  We don't use spaces except for help content so we have lots of groups.  If you start a group then you are ultimately responsible for what does & doesn't go on in that group.  We have a training class to talk through planning the people and goals of your group, seeding content, how to group admin stuff, etc.  The first item in the class though is the role of group owner.

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                The way this has worked in our instance is that we do have Community Managers for each of the various companies within the larger whole. We also have people from those organizations who help with User Administration. And then each group also allows various individuals Space Administration rights.


                From experience, I would recommend that you either:

                • Decide to take it slow and plan things out. Include training and guidelines, and think about whether you want to remove certain functionality before handing out these roles.


                • Realize that giving away the keys will increase participation and ownership, but will also mean you'll likely have to come back later and clean up.


                You might even end up with something somewhere in the middle. Allowing others the ability to help manage will make some things much easier, and will certainly encourage participation and ownership.

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                    I do endorse your recommendation to slow down and think things through, but it would appear as though we're moving full steam ahead.  When you say we should think about 'removing certain functionality', what did you mean?  Are we able to modify say... the Moderator role, removing some of the capabilities while maintaining others?


                    I'd love to be able to give certain users the ability to manage the 'Answered' functionality; give them the ability to mark a post as the answer even though they weren't the original posts author.