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    what is a social group in jive??

      what is a social group in jive?? Also what is the difference between jive group and jive social group ??

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          A Social Group is a space-like container that does not fit hierarchically into the space structure.  Social Groups also allow for front-end user management for permissions to the content in the social group.


          A jive group most likely refers to a permission group (or user group) that can be assigned permissions to spaces from the admin console.





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            John Schwiller

            Harpreet if you are seeing these mixed descriptions in Jive documentation please raise it in the Documentation space - or is it a group =) where the doc team can make corrections.


            For 'Jive Group', if it is in the context of granting read access permissions to a space then I personally would stress ACCESS group, such that 'group' means a SOCIAL group.


            Note that *access* groups currently  can't be used where you might like to for: author access to content, DMs, Shares, (social) group access etc.