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    User adoption - what does a successful adoption curve look like?

      We are a relatively new adopter of Jive SBS having moved from seeding to launching to our wider business community in late July. User adoption looks positive so far with numbers growing virally from about 100 to 600 over the course of the last 3 weeks (see our curve below) but I am keen to understand what a successful adoption curve is likely to look like in the short to medium term (<12 mths) based on the experience of other Jive SBS clients.


      Understand that there will be a variety of factors that affect this depending on on the approach taken and company profiles e.g. in our case, we have chosen not to do company wide comms but to target a number of communities and then allow for viral spread. However, it would be great to see have what trends others have experienced e.g. a steady increase, a quick ramp up in beginning with the the % increase slowing down after a number of weeks/months, a gradual increase which plateaus etc and any hints and tips on things to look out for in the early days. Thanks.





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