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    Black on black user interface is a bad idea

      I upgraded from Premiere Elements 1 and Photoshop Elements 3 to version 8. I can't believe the color choices and the lack of adjustability of the UI. In Premiere I have the ability to set the level of grayness of the background, but there are icons with white text and other text is black! Faux pas guys, if I set the BG color to light, can't read the white text, if I set it to dark, can't read the black text!


      It's worse in PSE (Photoshop Elements). The menu bar has black text on what must be 75% gray background. This isn't affected by the Dark vs Light settings in Preference. This hits me every time I open the program the way entering an almost totally dark room would. I have to stop, take a deep breath just to orient myself, and then struggle to read the menus.


      The first rule of UI design: all text should be dark if the background is light. When the background becomes dark, all text must be light. Otherwise you have black on black!


      I understand that you want the UI to look as neutral and unobtrusive so that the content stands out, but this is not a solution.


      And please, please make programs behave as native to the OS they are running on as possible (Windows in my case). Directory selector dialog doesn't expand to the file's directory or the last directory expanded, automatically expanding sections in lists instead of having to click a tiny icon, etc.