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    Captivate 4 should have been recalled by Adobe

      Captivate 4 "quirks" just cost me sleepless nights and a project. Adobe technical support was no help, I ran into the following issues:

      • Flash buttons created in Photoshop and exported in .png format with transparent backgrounds looked like they should for a while then suddenly developed either white backgrounds or striped backgrounds showing the colors used to create 3 different button "states." Adobe was no help, I was hung up on when  tried to show the support person what I was talking about. A graphic artist friend looked at the problem and said that it looks like Captivate did not like the .png format. I tried exporting as .JPEG and .gif. Captivate did not like the .JPEG format either but appeared the way it should with the .gif. Supposedly Captivate 4 acis compatible sll graphic  formats,I learned the hard way that this is not the case.
      • I originally set the project to be  800x600 pixels. It did not keep this size, but stretched out to  948x600 with the impact of people needing to scroll to see the entire page, or reset the size of their desktops.I had to resize the project
      • Buttons and other slide object did not keep the sizes set, but tended to resize to some sort of system default. I had to constantly  go in to the object properties, turn off the constrain proportions check box, resize the buttons back to what I wanted, save and hope it stayed.  The constrain proportions check box seemed to automatically turn back on after I clicked the OK button. Again, Adobe tech support was no help.Captivate 4 behaved like it had a "set point" which  you got past only if you changed and saved enough times. For instructional design consultants like myself, who has the time to constantly redo and force the system to behave?

      It is disconcerting when you are doing what you are supposed to do, but the system is making you look like you do messy work. Can anyone help me,and maybe Adobe technical support understand why these problems occurred? And what to do to fix?


      It is interesting that when I took the files into Cpativate 5, there were no problems. We should not have to buy an upgrade for a product to work. roblem is that client needs the files in Cpativate 4 so that they can update themselved.