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    Jive as an Appliance or vAppliance

      One of the major issues we have with Jive is its dependence on Linux OS. As a Microsoft house (NHS wide licensing, until recently) we don't have massive Linux expertise. I was starting to refresh my knowledge since we had a big push to put everything on VMware a few years back. But now ESXi has removed a chunk of the console I'm starting loose touch again.


      Is there anything in the pipeline to deliver Jive as a hardware or virtual appliance? All I could find on here is an old post asking the same question: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/message/280379#280379


      Since you're (almost) delivering the demo in this way I guess its something you've looked at.


      To me it seems like a no brainer. You expand your potential customer base, eases scalability, have complete control of the underlying OS (eliminating config issues) and as a result, reduce support issues.