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    Looking for advice on increasng activity levels


      Increasing activity is the goal for all of us.  I wanted to find out what has worked and what has not worked for you.  One thing that worked very well for us was bringing in 100 interns in the summer.  The activity percentage doubled along with all the other metrics. We also ran a photo contest where we asked folks to send in a photo that represented "What NetApp means to me".


      What have you seen that increases the activity?  What keeps the level high (stickiness)?



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          I will be offline from Thursday 16-SEPT through Sunday 19-SEPT.


          Please contact Sarah H. Smith for Sprint Community issues; all other issues please contact my manager, Allison Fasching.


          Thank you,


          Will England

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            Hi Mike,


            We've just started our Jive internal implementation. But here are the things we're trying to do to keep it sticky:

            1. Map job activities to functionality in Jive, i.e can we replace a dlist with a community, during the initial drafting of documents can we use Jive in our teams

            2. Migrate appropriate content from other tools that would benefit from living in Jive

            3. Constant messaging on progress and highlighting content via email and company newsletters


            I'm sure there's more that we can do, I'd be interested in hearing what others have done as well.




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                A big driver is the company culture.  If it is a top down culture, then collaboration will be hard.  If it is an email centric culture, then getting rid of the DLs will be hard.  Also, support and encouragement to use the communities need to flow down to the second and first line mangers, and just at the top.


                If you can remind folks of the pain points with a current system and show how the communities will be easier and make folks more productive, then if will be easier.


                Migration is a timely, complex, and costly item if you are looking at moving legacy stuff.  What we did was leave the old archive and started using communities at a specific date.  Also, you need to simplify how people can get the information.  If they get it in emails to all employees, they have no reason to go to the community and read it.


                Use emails and newsletters as summary and updates that only have an intro and link to the community, not all the info.


                If you would like to dig deeper on these or other area, we can set up a call.



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                EDIT: The group I referenced below has merged into the [Archived] Jive Analytics space, which is a great resource. That's also where my presentation slides are.


                If you're interested in increasing activity levels, you can certainly collect ideas from peers, as you're doing here and by attending conferences, etc.


                But if you want to understand what actually produces increases in activity in YOUR community, you should take a look at this group:

                Actionable Analytics for Understanding Community Member Behavior. You can also look there at the slides from my presentation at JW10 of the same name: Actionable Analytics Presentation JW2010. Will post the link to the video in there, as well, once that goes live on the site.


                The group is forming to share ideas, so all who are interested are welcome to join!

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                  Mike, Do you have any screenshots of your contest? I'm presenting at E2.0 and one of my slides is about using contests. I'm looking for examples I can cite. Would love to use yours if it is OK.

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                    Hi Mike,


                    Sanjiv here from NetApp itself !


                    Our experience on activity levels has been:

                    " Link the community to a critical process step and then see the activity level zoom ".


                    In support's implementation of Jive we run our internal assistance program when support cases have to be resolved and our graphs are going through the roof. On top of that we have built knowledge mining programs and those are leading to another bubble. Another thing we did was killed the dl's and moved all of that traffic to Jive, exposing the rich knowledge which has now become a huge searchable resource while solving cases. This in JIT knowledge creation and usage per KCS principles.


                    Contests are a big help, but real activity only happens when there is business value being derived by the community. We want to use contests more to encourage marking threads as answered, marking the likes etc which will help us measure deflection/closure of assistance requests (ofcourse besides the polls).




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                      I'm part of Thomson Reuters so those of you at the most recent Jive World might have seen the presentation my company did.  (I wasn't there.)  (Well, I wasn't there physically. I was there in spirit.)  (Also, they talked about my group in a Case Study and at one point, my face was on the huge jumbotron behind the presenters on stage.) (Which, COOL, right?)




                      My opinion is that you have to have ONE "anchor" - something they absolutely want and need that is only available on your Jive platform.  For us, once we migrated our colleague-directory to Jive profiles, and turned off the old tool, BAM - they simply had to come. They need to access that directory every day.


                      It's kind of like... if you want employees to spend more time in the common area in the office, make sure the only way they can get to the restrooms is to cross through the common area.


                      Aside from that. behavior modeled from above is always effective.  Hard to get all of the higher-ups to engage, but some will.  Focus on them.


                      It reminds me of the outdoor festival weird dance video.  You know it, right? You need to have some brave people to start dancing and they gotta help everyone else get past the fear of being ridiculed or being "first" or doing it wrong or getting embarrassed.  Everyone needs to feel reassured that it's safe and OK and not embarrassing.  Get some dancers and the better placed they are in the organization, the more effective it will be.


                      And use some of the gamification stuff to make in a draw, engaging, interesting.



                      So in review:  Jive is your common area.  Put the restrooms somewhere off the common area.  Have some hip management hang out there.  Get a ping-pong table.  The hip-management-types should model that it's OK to talk about stuff other than "just" work, because building rapport leads to better relationships which leads to improvements in innovation, creativity, productivity, etc. A weird-dancer will emerge. A weird-dancer will always emerge.