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    Communication Tactics Prior to Upgrade: Any Lessons Learned?


      We are gearing up for our big upgrade from 4.0.8 to 4.5.3 (yay!) and I am looking to really leverage this as an opportunity to drum up some excitement about the community. There are some really fantastic things that are either 4.5-specific features or things that we are implementing with this upgrade (anonymous access, the video module, etc.) that I know our users will be excited to hear about.


      I'm planning a roll-out strategy that includes announcement, email, and homepage content updates, webex tutorials of the new features once we have the 4.5 upgrade implemented in our UAT environment, some internal "press releases," communications via a few newsletters within our organization, communication to group leaders to let their members know, etc.


      This is my very first Jive upgrade, so I thought I'd tap into the community to see if there were other ideas that folks had used to get the word out about a coming upgrade.


      I manage a workforce community, but I think there are some consumer-facing tactics that might be equally applicable and appreciate any and all feedback.




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          I know a few customers have done some pretty cool awareness videos that briefly highlight the "what's new" stuff. If you've got the budget, sticky notes/posters/table tents advertising what's new can be used in meeting rooms, bathrooms, inside the refrigerator in the break room, you name it.


          Another idea is to feature a new capability each week, in the context of using it for real work.


          For example, with the new rich microblogging, you could highlight the ability to mention others, and focus on how that might help spread awareness of whatever it is you microblogged. This is similar to the phenomenon of cc:'ing somebody in Twitter, so that they're sure to see whatever you Tweet.


          For place admins, maybe highlight the awesome View Document widget (I can't remember if that was available in 4.0x) as a replacement for the Richt Text Widget - you can upload images in a document, manage the document editing, etc., and use the View Doc widget to display it.


          For group admins in particular, I LOVE the Send Email to Group feature.


          Hope this helps!