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      I am interested in how everyone is using Jive in e Learning applications? Which e Learning software does Jive play well with? Anyone have any thoughts? 

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          If you have a media server, you can post published courses from eLearning authoring tools with SWF output and get it to play in Jive.  Tools like Articulate work fine.  We don't use the standard video solution from Jive so I can't speak to that.


          [getting on soapbox]


          But I think there is really a much larger question which begs to be answered.  With the introduction of Jive, we're compelled to re-think critical business processes and consider how they might best leverage the Jive platform to further optimize these processes by weaving in the social components.  In the case of learning, the question I've pondered is how should one deliver Socialized Learning to the organization?  By that, I mean how does one develop a comprehensive solution which marries informal learning (i.e. something not tracked by your LMS system, including social collaboration) along with the formal learning which is still needed and trackable/reportable from your company's LMS system?


          I gave a presentation earlier this year on this topic and we plan to deliver a "learning portal" in Jive in the coming months.  It is intended to be our primary destination for employees to gain a holistic view of all learning opportunities which are available.


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              I am in the very early stages of trying to figure out how I can use Jive to enable learning process within my organization. In 2012 we will be rolling out a targeted training program for a group of employees that work in multiple locations across North America. This will be a blended program, made up of 3 residential instructor led sessions (each 1 week long), that will be complimented by virtual sessions during the intervening months. It is our intention to utilize Jive as a platform for communication, interaction, discussion, etc.amongst the instructors and participants within this program. While it will not be the only system used, it will be the central location we hope our learners will use to access information, share amongst their colleagues, and hopefully enrich the learning process.


              Right now, I am trying to understand the capabilities of Jive with regards to this purpose.

              Thanks for sharing the presentation. Perhaps we can continue to share our experiences as we work towards this common goal?

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                Paul, Gary, Blair - you're each touching on a topic that's been at the front of my radar for the last few years as Jive's education manager. I'd love to chat live with each of you on ways to leverage the social learning aspects of Jive in your orgs.  Here are some thoughts that come to mind from what you've posted above:


                LMS vs Social Learning: Jive intentionally moved away from a standard LMS a couple years ago for our online training courses, and instead chose to offer the same materials in private social groups embedded right in the Jive Community.  The integrated social aspects provided a much more compelling and engaging experience for learners and gave them better tools for contacting instructors, getting questions answered, and even generating their own learning guides that we've turned around and integrated back into our courses.


                Our developer training course was mentioned in Jane Bozarth's book "Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning" as a way to combine the structure necessary to guide people through their learning experience, while giving them the social aspects that let them interact in near-real-time with instructors and other learners (posting discussion questions, uploading documents, blogging about what they've learned, etc).


                Calls to Action: An effective pattern I've observed and also recommend when talking with customers about ways to engage their site members and teach them how to use the platform, has been to prominently display links on the main home page to the community's learning resources.  We've created a series of training videos and one-page quickstart guides that can be uploaded into a "Getting Started" or "Training" space on your community.  Picking the top three or four of these learning resources and linking to them prominently on the homepage raises visibility to these aids.


                As a community manager you can then start to link to those resources using @mentions in your What Matters: Activity stream when you find yourself answering a question for an individual site member, and that lets everyone else on the site know about the solution.


                You can use announcements to let people know about upcoming webinar training sessions, and then can post the links to the recorded webinars in a document.  After you post the document, mention it in a status update and share the document with attendees and ask them to comment on what they learned.


                Learning experience rather than single training event: These are just a few things that come to mind and there are numerous other ways to engage people.  The main philosophy imho needs to move away from the tendency to schedule "training" as something you do once and upfront, and instead transform that into an ongoing learning experience where you're engaging your site members at multiple points over time... helping them work through specific tasks they're struggling with, while also helping them see better and easier ways of doing those tasks, and working/learning together with others along the way.

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                We use Jive to support learning in a number of ways all of which have organically sprung up in the community.


                1) We have groups that form based around role to share best practices, as questions, etc.

                2) We have groups that form after a classroom event has ended to continue dialogue about real-world examples, ask questions to other students, share digital copies of class materials, etc.

                3) We have a social learning group on languages.  The main group is for learning English with projects for other languages.  The group is an aggregation of learning language content, a place to advertise language events (for example scheduled chats in English), a place to practice written language skill, and it's also being used to match up language mentors.

                4) Our company university is beginning to use the community to find out what people are looking for in learning, advertise their content and events, get feedback, etc.


                There are more formal plans now being made around social learning too, but I don't yet know all the details... I need to ask.

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                  Anneke, I know you posted this over a year ago, but I was wondering how T-MO sales reps get trained on new products and campaigns via Jive. Also, I'd be interested to learn if your HR or Organizational Development team does any career-related training using Jive. Should I chat with Krissy about this?

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                      Hey Gia,

                        Sorry for the delay... You're question is interesting because we actually have different groups of Sales reps. We have Sales & Service reps which my team delivers training on to the frontline and we also have our Sales organization which is our retail stores, dealers etc... In the Sales & Service organization we are still using an LMS but have integrated Jive into all of our training especially for devices. We do everything from drive them to documents they will need later for bookmarking to hosting Captivate files/Video files in the community.


                      With regard to HR, I would say Krissy could steer you in the right direction there but to my knowledge we are not currently doing career-related training using Jive.

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                      Great discussion as I am dealing with issues myself now that I have taken on responsibility for eLearning at our company.  I am actually trying to decide how we should move forward from our current LMS.  We're looking at OpenSource solutions like Moodle, but I know that Brice Jewell at Cerner also created a custom LMS within Jive.  I'd love to learn more about that. 


                      We are doing exactly what Alcatel=Lucent is doing in terms of using Jive to complement the classroom and elearning sessions.


                      What I have not heard in this discussion are the other key features of an LMS :

                      • Managing enrollement (an HR person must enroll you in an elearning module)
                      • Tracking (who has taken the elearning, and what test scores did they get)


                      I'd live to find a way to do this all in Jive. 

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                          We haven't actually created a LMS within Jive, we have a homegrown LMS and event management system that lives separately, but we have worked to integrate it with our Jive community. We still need the LMS largely for enrollment,  training records, and assessment capabilities, and it is good for structuring learning plans (as opposed to just creating a list in a Jive doc of courses and work practica you have to complete for your role). All of the content could technically live in Jive though. We certainly do use Jive to supplement all training we do in the manner Jem mentioned, and we do advocate for year-round learning with our clients which includes year round formal learning and events and informal learning through participation in our Jive groups.

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                              Hi Brice, and crew:


                              Has anyone had experienced using Jive as an LMS itself? Are there any examples out there?


                              For a bit of background, we are a medium sized technology company based in Atlanta. At our organization, we have Jive and use it globally. Yesterday, a colleague of mine came up with the brilliant idea that we should have our highly skilled developers create an eLearning tool for us. Fantastic idea, I immediately began running with it - reaching out to several of our developers. The general consensus: Great idea... no one has the bandwidth to do it. So! I'm turning to alternatives: Moodle, ILIAS, and Jive. My initial thoughts are to utilize Jive as our eLearning tool, but I'm struggling to visualize how to execute this idea.


                              Any feedback or advice is GREATLY appreciated. L&D is one of our big initiatives this year, so I'd love to be able to engage our employees and provide a popular tool to facilitate eLearning.


                              Thank you,


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                                  Hey Mario,


                                  We are in the process of developing and launching an LMS (for external at the moment).  We opted to develop on Moodle and we're going to work in an integration with our public community later this year when we move to 5.0.  I'll definitely share some of those learning experiences as we continue down the implementation path.  We had the same aspirations that you shared about building it on Jive, but went with Moodle because we wanted the option to plug-n-play with LMS platforms as they evolve.

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                                    We are still following the same use cases above. There is just too much learning management functionality we need from a LMS. We are still planning to do social integration, such as liking or commenting on courses in the course catalog and that activity flows to Jive, or pushing relevant Jive social groups to course descriptions and learning plans in the LMS (e.g. Excel for Beginners course says "Join the Excel users group to learn more").

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                                We too are in the process of selecting an LMS for the group.  Unless Jive has something up their sleeve, I tend to be in the same boat as Brice : I think there is too much functionality that I need from real LMS that I don't think I can just rely on Jive.  Clearly, though, we want Jive to be the social part of our learning platform.  For those who are using moodle, I'd be interested in a conf call or a free form disucssion here.  I'm not afraid of the customization required as we have our own Indian development center.  However, it needs to be somewhat close to what we need.  I have not looked in detail yet, but as it is mainly for univiersities, I wonder if it is well adapted to the needs of the enterprise, which are all about delegation of responsibility, and support for specifics of all of our businesses while remaining a common platform for all.  Any thoughts welcome.