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    Ideas to map Community Managers to their communities?

      I'm a new Community Manager, and am having difficulty keeping an updated 'list' of community managers.  We've tried wikis, but Community Managers tend to move onto other roles and delegate their responsibilities without notification of wiki updates.


      Does anyone have a best practice in this area?  Any ideas to share?

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          We have a community manager group established where we have a list of community managers for each community.  I am the enterprise community manager and am usually the one who keeps this updated in the group.  This has worked ok for us so far.

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              Can you tell me a bit more about the process?  For example, if a Community Manager leaves their role or the company, do they notify you?  How do you manage the information?


              Sorry for all the questions, this one's just really bugging me (forgive the pun!)

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                  Well, we have not had too many community manager transitions, but it has happened twice so far and I was notified by the community manager who transitioned out.   I just manage the information in the wiki document and make sure new community managers receive the proper training and ensure that the proper permissions are adjusted for the community in transition.  I also remove the community manager badge from the person who left. In both instances, the community manager identified the person who was going to take over their role.


                  As the person who manages the enterprise wide community, I am in pretty close contact with the individual community managers so I think that has been the natural process thus far. I don't feel 100% confident about future transitions because its been pretty ad-hoc and we just launched our intranet yesterday.  I'm working on getting an official process in place.